Case Study

Dana Petroleum

Dana Petroleum, a $3 Billion organisation with over 19 years’experience in the oil and gas sector, have exploration and production operations in the UK, Egypt, Norway and Africa. In Aberdeen, growth
is now exceeding space and to accommodate this, Dana required help to develop network infrastructure within additional real-estate. Having previously worked with Provista via the FPAL community Dana chose, once again, to call upon their expertise.

The building that Dana Petroleum chose to expand in to required a completely new local area network infrastructure and wireless access equipment that would be able to interface with their existing data centre core network whilst providing network access for the staff located within. The network would need to be able to support current business technologies and applications in use at other corporate sites and support existing wireless network infrastructure.
Selected to deliver the new LAN infrastructure and wireless LAN equipment in Grampian House, Aberdeen, Provista deployed a fullyfeatured, high performance Cisco network with 10Gigabit per second
links between switches and 1Gbps access to devices. This network was designed to integrate fully with Dana’s existing core, including IP addressing, allowing seamless connectivity to other corporate sites.
Provista’s network was designed to be fully resilient – eliminating single points of failure in key areas, where possible. The design coupled together Dana’s existing Nexus deployment with their new
distribution switches in Grampian House, allowing for seamless connectivity between sites in the event of a core network device failure.

The LAN was required to be highly available, extremely reliable and able to support the performance needs and features for next generation applications. By separating voice, data and wireless traffic logically on the network, Provista were able to implement two things: new LAN switches that were capable of quality of service (QoS) – which prioritises voice traffic for clarity and performance purposes – and scalability, for future ease of network expansion. Also Included in the design was power over Ethernet capability – meaning a single wired connection for powering and providing data to equipment like IP telephony handsets.
Business Benefits
»» Staff have easy application access and use due to network connectivity speed and industry leading speed (80Gbps) between sites.
»» The network includes seamless failover between sites should there be a single link or device outage and has a simplified design for ease of operation and integration.
»» Network design is future proof and is designed to minimise capital expenditure and maintain low spending on operational expenditure.

About Provista
Based near Glasgow with a presence in North-East Scotland and Midlands England, Provista provide expert consultancy across a range of technologies and manufacturers including Cisco, Avaya, Meraki,
Huawei, and other leading vendors. Their highly accredited team are specialists in unified communications, data centre networks, secure public and guest wireless, IP security and IP LAN and WAN networks.


Design an advanced network for the given case study.

Write a report on a network plan and configurations.
1. Draw a complete advanced network design. Include at least 2 sites and VOIP.
2. Detailed setup of advanced network devices.
3. Write configurations of each networking device which are included in the whole network.
4. Configure switches, routers and PCs on physical networking devices and demonstrate the working