Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are one of the most common assignments issued by examiners. The main goal of these essays is to test one’s level of persuasion. In handling an argumentative essay, the writer is supposed to convince the audience of their point of view. To handle an argumentative essay effectively one thus needs to first choose their line of argument. Will you maybe support or disagree with the topic. The second most important thing is reasons why you choose your side and solid evidence supporting it.

Just like any other essay, an argumentative essay has the following key parts;

  1. Introduction; Think of it like a preview of your essay.  Have your thesis statement. Remember the main aim of the introduction is to let your examiner have a clear understanding of what the central argument of your paper is.
  2. Body; in your body, you will need to bring in your evidence and argue to bring forward whatever you introduced in your thesis statement. Always remember to introduce your paragraphs with a topic sentence that should most importantly relate to your thesis statement.
  3. Conclusion. Wrap up your essay with a weighty conclusion. Let your conclusion call back to the main thesis statement. Conclusions are basically rephrasing your thesis statement in a different way.

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