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A dissertation is a long academic essay that is written after gaining in-depth knowledge of a subject using formal research. It differs from other academic writings in that the learner is expected to take full responsibility for his own learning starting from choosing the topic, selecting the method of study, researching, and concluding the outcomes in the end. To start writing a dissertation, you will need a plan, substantial research, guidance, and a lot of perseverance. 

If you have selected business for your studies, a business dissertation will help you understand the concepts, frameworks, and business models in great depth.  Writing your business dissertation is a chance for you to illustrate your successful acquisition of knowledge and skills that are essential in research. You will be required to show that you can identify an area of study, develop research objectives, identify and evaluate suitable secondary data, establish a suitable research methodology, analyze primary data based on the insights from the literature review, and finally that you can arrive at the correct inferences from the research study.

6 Tips for writing a business dissertation

Writing a business dissertation is not an easy task and many scholars struggle due to lack of experience. However, here are a few tips that can come in handy in your writing;

  1. Ensure that you develop the correct research study question. The question should be coherent and appropriate in scope and should be the single driving force in the research inquiry.  
  2. Select a topic area within an existing interest. When writing your business dissertation, make sure that the topic area you choose to explore touches on current issues. This will see that your work is relevant and interesting at the same time.
  3. Work with existing frameworks and theories. This will help you avoid the multitude of potential challenges that are likely to arise from the adoption of novel theoretical approaches in your study.
  4. Make sure that your dissertation is geared towards certain recommendations. Your dissertation should help you find a solution to existing issues or alter the way things are done. Therefore make sure your dissertation answers a specific question that seeks to resolve a particular problem.
  5. Access an area where you can access adequate data. Make sure that whatever area you choose, you will be able to gather adequate data to answer your dissertation’s research question. This will include secondary and primary data.
  6. Come up with an appropriate title. A good title will help you remain focused throughout the business dissertation writing process.

Structure of a business dissertation

Your business dissertation should consist of numerous chapters and it is important to ensure that each chapter contains the correct information and is appropriately written. The chapters include;

  1. Introduction which should include the background for the research study. It should contain the context within which the research was conducted like the context of the research study, the importance of the issues under study, participants, key trends, and the aims and objectives. Secondly, it should contain the purpose of the study or what the business dissertation seeks to fulfill, and lastly, it should contain the dissertation organization or what will be discussed in the dissertation. Principally, the introduction should concisely highlight the key components of the dissertation and its content/objectives.
  2. Literature review. The literature review provides a solid foundation for your study’s context and should thus only focus on information relevant to your specific study. It should be the basis for the evaluation of your research study, a chance to illustrate one’s understanding of the area of study and the underlying issues, and lastly, it should be used to demonstrate one’s understanding of key research variables.
  3. Methodology. The methodology chapter entails a justification of the various processes used to derive the business dissertation results. It is essential for the readers to understand the philosophy behind the methods employed in the dissertation study so that they don’t make the wrong assumptions about the derived results. All decisions and choices made must be supported in this section.
  4. Findings and results. This chapter deals with evidence derived from your study. For this section, data presentation could assume the forms of hypothesis testing, quantitative models, descriptive statistics, content analysis, case study descriptions, and textual analysis. The presentation of the results must be done in a logical manner to ensure that the reader clearly understands the results. Well-developed tables and graphs are used in data presentation.  
  5. Discussion. The discussion chapter is quite important in a business dissertation. Practically, it is the answer to the study question. It should encompass an analytical and critical review of the primary results and should reconcile the acquired results with the theoretical arguments advanced in the literature review chapter. Similarities and differences should be well articulated.
  6. Conclusion. This is the last chapter and it illustrates how the employed research plan resulted in conclusions that are the dissertation evidence. The chapter should highlight how the dissertation aims and objectives were realized. No new ideas should be introduced in this chapter.

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