Dissertation writing

A Dissertation is a long academic essay written after gaining in-depth knowledge of a subject using formal research. Thesis and dissertations have confused most people due to their similar format or writing structures.  Many people tend to assume that a thesis is for a master’s degree while dissertations are a requirement for a doctorate degree. This is not always the case. In very simple terms a dissertation can be likened to primary information since it requires the writer or author to base their work on new evidence and personal experiences while a thesis can be done on previous information or previous projects that are similar to or supports or relates to your theory. Dissertation writing is an important process because dissertations;

  1. They help the students to showcase their knowledge and unique ideas to their professors which is an important skill for any researcher.
  2. They are proof that the students are capable of structuring their thoughts in a well-defined manner and that they can carry forward the process in an efficient manner.
  3. They demonstrate the choice of the students ie. in which field they are capable of proceeding in the future and what is their area of interest.
  4. Dissertations include extensive research works and analyzing skills. Here, you have to express your writings and creativity skills without any hesitation. Again, Dissertations will also enhance your patience level, as it takes a lot of time in researching and writing the assignments.
  5.  They help you in improving your grasping ability and to understand the requirements of subject papers.
  6. Good dissertation writing ensures you better CGPA grades and a perfect platform for your career.

Basic components of a dissertation

  1. Abstract. This comes after the title page and the acknowledgment page. It contains a word limit of 300 words maximum. The contents of the abstract are essential as it gives a chance to the readers of knowing about the dissertation and whether it interests them or not. It is the overview of the entire study, a kind of summary to your research questions, results obtained as well as methods applied. It is thus important to put more attention to this section to maintain the focus of the reader until the end.
  2. Dissertation research questions. Dissertation questions are made available in the introduction part and are mainly defined as the fundamental questions that are included in the research methodology. It is proved from several instances that the strongest or eye-catching questions grab the attention of the reader until the end of the topic.
  3. Dissertation literature review. This is the section where you will have to consider and explain the ideas and theories of other people in relation to your research. You must try and compare at least 10 other sources and a few theories or models. This part comprises around 20% of the dissertation.
  4. Chapters. Each chapter in a dissertation refers to a particular topic that is covered in the paper. They help the reader go through a particular topic that he/she wishes to read without having to search the entire dissertation to find the topic.
  5. Bibliography. The bibliography consists of all the references such as the articles, books, and websites that you have used to write the dissertation. It is noted down on a separate page at the end of the paper. It is advised that you write the Bibliography in alphabetical order as per the required writing style.

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