Thesis and dissertations have confused most people due to their similar format or writing structures.  An easy assumption made by most people is that thesis are for a mastered degree while a dissertations a requirement for a doctorate degree. This is not always the case. In very simple terms a dissertation can be likened to primary information since it requires the writer or author to base their work on new evidence and personal experiences while a thesis can be done on previous information or previous project that are similar to or supports or relates to your theory.

Custom dissertation

A custom dissertation will require a student to find a field under custom that is yet to be investigated and conduct a research then prove or disapprove a theory. It is similar to venturing into a virgin territory. For a good dissertation, the following headlines are necessary; introduction, general instructions, preliminary pages, main body, tables and features and others. The term custom has three totally different meanings showing that a custom dissertation might not just be hectic but can be time consuming. This can lead to a number of challenges due to ignorance of what it en-tales to perform a new research from scratch. Why sweat when you can contact our homework helps at top academic writers?

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