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A number of students are unable to distinguish between an essay, a term paper and a research paper.  A term paper is sometimes referred to as a research paper since they cover the same key areas and require a student to research or gather enough information to support a theory or disapprove it. It also requires them to give their own personal insight on the matter. This makes a term paper a lot longer than an essay. Another difference between a term paper and an essay is that essays do not require extensive research and can be written with less understanding of the topic in question. A term paper requires time. A lot of time to research and compare different data from different sources then chose which information is relevant to your topic and theory. Custom as a discipline covers all walks of life from fashion, culture, religion, age, education, geographical location to something as simple as a season. All this types of customs we are familiar with which makes it difficult to pick one. That is why we came up with the category of custom term paper assignment help at top academic writers.

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Top academic writers understand the need for good grades and academic excellence. We understand also what it takes to come up with a good term papers since we are all post graduates in different fields. We understand and value our clients needs, thats why under a client places with us, we have a comment box where they can tell us what extra thing they need or how they need there papers to look like. This way we ensure that our clients do not get flat and boring but correct papers but they can own the paper. We ensure our clients write the paper with us, by getting their tastes via their requests. We are the best because we put you first.