English research paper 

The English language was first spoken in medieval England in the years prior to 450AD, due to the invasion of Britain by three tribes; the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes. It has then evolved to be a global lingua franca. This is just an overview of the history part of this language which further subdivided to form the old English all the way to the current global language. A well-constructed English research paper properly synthesizes the writer’s views with the outside perspectives and critiques of other authors. It emphasizes both the author’s original insights and the interpretations of respected supplementary sources and it should be an expression of the writer’s inquiry into a specific topic of interest. When it comes to English, there is no limit to the topics you can research. An English research paper topic is the question you’re going to answer in your paper based on your research. However, choosing an interesting topic that will capture the attention of your readers and show your academic prowess can be challenging. The trick to getting an idea worth writing about which will also give you a good grade is to pick a topic that you’re interested in and that which you have some background knowledge. It must also be narrow yet have adequate research material and be related to the specific class you’re currently taking. If you’re having trouble finding a good research topic, contact our team of experienced and professional English research paper writers. They will help you narrow down to good topics that your lecturer will absolutely like.

How to choose an English research paper topic

There are a lot of topics at your disposal from which you can choose your research topic. The main point of choosing a research topic is to go for aspects of the subjects that you understood better and that which interests you the most. What’s great about a teacher asking you to come up with a research topic is that you can go in any direction that you want. You can look at imagery within the novel, or discuss the allegory of two random but related novels.

However, the process of coming up with an English research paper topic that will impress your lecturer is not easy. The best way to go  about when choosing your research topic is to look at the different categories;

  1. The genre. Look at the similarities between the two genres in the story or what are the differences. Is one genre more effective than the other and how each genre is portrayed in the story? You can also explain how a particular genre emerged or literature in current society.
  2. Characters. What issues do the characters try to bring out in the story? How are the characters important to the novel and how do they reflect in real society?  These are some of the research topics you can consider.
  3. Gender roles. How is the gender portrayed in the story? What are the roles of men and women in the novel? You can examine equality or gender expectations as part of your research topics.
  4. Literature and culture. What are the cultural issues being addressed?
  5. Politics and religion. Is there any connection between politics and religion in the novel? What belief is the book promoting?

7 steps on how to write a good English research paper

  1. Choose an interesting and engaging topic. Your choice of topic will influence both the effort you invest in your research and the degree to which you enjoy the process. Make sure you settle for an interesting and challenging topic. More to this select a topic you feel that you are well equipped to handle. 
  2. Seek your instructor’s guidance. The instructor may be knowledgeable about the research available on your topic and different scholars you may be interested in investigating. They may also suggest if your topic is too general or specialized and be able to aid you in the process of refining or reworking your topic of choice.
  3. Conduct research. This is the most important step. In your research, make sure you take notes that you may finally incorporate in your paper.
  4. Create your thesis. After your deep and thorough research, formulate a one-sentence thesis. The thesis statement provides your stand regarding the text and the rest of your paper should be on strengthening or expanding your claim. 
  5. Construct your paper outline. The outline is the ‘blueprint’ of your research paper. An organized outline is the start of any good research paper. It aids the writer in constructing a paper which logically proceeds from one related point to the next. A typical English research paper will include the following key requirements, introduction, the body which includes methods used to conduct the research, the observations made, the data collected/findings, the arguments also known as discussions. It must have the conclusion and references and sources that were used to support this research.
  6. According to your outline, analyze, synthesize, and organize your research paper.  
  7. Write your research paper. Begin by writing the first draft, taking time away from your work, and then revisiting it a day or two later. A first draft is simply a jumping-off point–remain willing to rework your ideas, reorganize the structure/flow, and reassess your claims. Consider having a second party also examine it and look for possible errors. 

English research paper assignment help

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