Mobile application development assignment  

A mobile application development course entails the study of the development of applications on wireless and mobile computing platforms. This course includes the study of tools and frameworks for developing applications for emerging mobile computing devices. Different learning topics included within this course are stages of the software development life cycle from its implementations and testing. As a subject, Mobile application development deals with the programming language and its supporting software technologies and standards that are used at the industrial level. It also entails object-oriented application development taught to the students in the proper context of mobile application development for different devices like tablets and smartphones.

Students learn the syntax and semantics of the chosen language and its supporting technologies and standards, object-oriented design, coding techniques by analyzing a sequence of carefully graded, finished applications. At the completion of the unit, students also design and build their own applications. Students also have to write assignments on the completion of the units, where a Mobile application development assignment helps the professors to evaluate the individual performance of the student in the subject.

Some of the concepts that students learn in a  mobile application development course include;

  1. Designing and developing mobile applications on various platforms.
  2. Publishing and maintaining applications in the marketplace.
  3. Using current software technologies, framework architectures, and standards for mobile application development.
  4. Determining the ecosystem of mobile platforms and differences along with features.

Requirements to develop a mobile application

  1. Algorithms and programming fundamentals in Python
  2. Fundamentals of C++
  3. Programming fundamentals in java
  4. Business information systems
  5. Computer network and security
  6. Cybersecurity

Android application development

Android is a type of Linux-based and open-source operating system used mainly for mobile machines or devices like tablet computers and smartphones. There are 3 types of Android applications that include native apps which are the application programs developed for use on a particular platform. It is a smartphone application coded in a specific programming language. C Programming language aims for iOS or Swift for Android operating systems. They include VLC media player for Android, WordPress for iOS, Instagram for Android, etc.  Second, are the web apps that work as responsive versions of the website to work on any mobile device. They are normally approachable by a website URL which can every time be saved and pinned or on our home screen of mobile phones. They are normally made using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Last are hybrid apps that are designed and developed to be applied across many of the platforms that can be positioned on both Android and iOS platforms. They are made in the same way as websites using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Some examples of general hybrid applications include FanReact, MarketWatch, TripCase, etc. 

Mobile application development assignment help

Developing a mobile application is not an easy task at all. It requires one to dedicate a great deal of time and effort in learning every little thing required in performing a technical job such as mobile development. This might also include many levels of detailing on components required to accumulate the application such as software Photoshop, API, or maybe an android virtual device to test the application during the development and many more.

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