What is statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics and is considered one of the most difficult subjects. It deals with data collection, organization, analysis, and presentation.  It is all about performing different methods of raw data to make it more understandable. The discipline is applied in a wide range of academic disciplines such as Finance, Insurance, and Economics.

Branches of statistics

There are two major branches of statistics and they include

Descriptive statistics. 

Descriptive statistics is a short descriptive coefficient that summarizes the data set, which can be either a team of the entire or a sample of the population. They include measures of central tendency like Mean, Median, and Mode and are used to find the center point value of the numerical dataset. They also include variability measures which are summary statistics used to represent the dispersion amount in a dataset. They indicate how far the data points are from the center and include standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, variance, and maximum and minimum variables. This branch of statistics is used by analysts and researchers to understand the features of specific data.

Inferential statistics.

 Inferential statistics are a set of assumptions that are made on the basis of information found by Descriptive Statistics. This type of statistics takes a random sample of data from a population to describe and make deductions about that population. They include regression analysis, Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), hypothesis tests, chi-square test, confidence intervals (CI), and test of statistical significance (t-test).

4 steps on how to handle your statistics assignment.

  1. Understand your topic and research on your assignment. Familiarize yourself with your topic and conduct extensive research to collect authentic and reliable data.
  2. Use the gathered data to write your assignment. After the in-depth research, draw an outline for your assignment and choose the most relevant content to use for your assignment. Use diagrams, graphs, figures, tables, and charts to support your arguments and to make your assignment impressive.
  3. Perform mathematical calculations on all the mathematical problems in your assignment.
  4. Proofread and edit your statistics assignment. Make sure your assignment is flawless for a decent grade in your statistics assignment.

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